Yuri boarded the British Airways plane to London and settled into his two first-class seats, placing one case under his seat and a second under the second seat. He refused to let the dogs fly cargo. Too many animals died while flying in the cargo hold. Dasha and Sasha’s noses were pressed against the mesh of the bags, sniffing at the air, but they were very quiet. Yuri asked for a glass of water and pulled out a portable bowl to give them each some water. He patted each on the head and gave them each a treat, and then settled back in his chair for the 3hour and 20-minute flight to Heathrow. He hoped the dogs were trained enough that they would not have to go before then and decided to ration their water during the flight.

After carrying the dogs through immigration and customs, Yuri caught a taxi to take him to “The Montague on the Gardens Hotel” at 15 Montague Street, in London England. He was carrying his own bag, as well as two small dog crates and a bag with their food and toys. He was to wait there for further instructions. This was the fun part of the assignment. He would have to be vigilant to ensure no one had followed him, but he had changed his route a number of times and didn’t detect a tail. Now all he had to do was eat good food, play with the dogs and make sure they got enough walks. It was a 4-star hotel too. They even supplied dog beds and goodie bags with treats and toys as well as dog sitting and dog walking. Yuri had no intention of leaving the dogs with a sitter, however. He knew first-hand how easy it was to steal these dogs. He planned on turning them over healthy and happy to the next person.

In the room Yuri introduced each dog to their comfy little beds by placing their blankies on the beds and giving each a treat as they lay down. He opened up the complimentary treat bags and found a plastic squeaky hamburger in one and a plastic squeaky hotdog in the other. He hoped they weren’t particular about who got which toy. He put water down for them in one of the stainless-steel raised bowls, and kibbles in the other, and then reviewed the room service menu for himself. He then took off his coat and shoes, placed his gun under a pillow on the bed and flopped on the bed to wait for room service. “Nitstsa, I could get used to this type of assignment,” he thought as he lay there smiling with his hands folded beneath his head, resting next to the gun.