Press & Testimonials

The following are some comments from early readers of Moscow Nights Return.
Keep writing ...I know it's hard work

- Chris from Massachusetts
I enjoyed the twists and turns of the story and the ying and yang of the characters. Though it was a quick read, I couldn´t read it at night - I got so attached to the characters I would worry about them in my dreams. Can´t wait to see what adventures await them in the sequel!

- Corinne from Florida
I can't wait to read the next chapter

- Sierra from Massachusetts
Keep writing. This is good.

- Kathy from Massachusetts
It was great! Really impressive story telling and character development. The pace was urgent and driven. Quite a good story, and well told!

- Dan from Massachusetts
A fun summer read. I enjoyed "visiting" some places I have been before and others I've not through the writer's descriptions.

- Rick from Florida