Beth H. Macy


Beth is evenly right brained and left brained and has tested as "cerebral." She comes from a family of artists. She has had a career as a Mathematics teacher, an officer in the US Navy, Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), a Personal Trainer, a programmer, an artist, a videographer, and an author.

Beth has been a successful consultant in the high technology sector, having worked for such companies as Lotus Development, Apple Computer and IBM. She is a talented artist with her works in collections from New York to Australia. Beth's creativity extends into many areas: writing, videography, stained glass, oil painting and acrylics. Beth is focusing on her creativity as she transitions into her next stage of life.

Beth states: "As an artist, I like to bring to life the world around me, whether it be through the visual arts or the written word."

Her first book, “Let’s Learn Metrics and More,” a programmed learning mathematics book, was used in a High School in the 1980’s. The intent of Beth writing the book was to make learning easier and more fun.

Her second book, “Many Years, Many Worlds,” is self-published book that simultaneously explores the loss of a parent and the intricacies of a tumultuous mother/daughter relationship, while discovering her parent's lives in the Middle East in 1949. Beth’s mother’s letters home show insight into their roles in the top-secret operation called Magic Carpet, that flew displaced Yemenite Jews into the newly found state of Israel. It is both a tender and provocative book, invoking an emotional response, as it probes the way we look at world politics and human nature. Beth’s hope in publishing this book is that it will help others through loss and grief.

Her third book is an open source book on Software Development, “Mindful Scrum.” This book is to help others, who follow her in High Tech, incorporate Beth’s learnings into their journey.

Beth has always wanted to write a spy novel that is more true-to-life than the ones that have limited character development and are more super heroes than real people. Moscow Nights Return has a collection of realistic individuals as the main characters. Beth through her years as a therapist, her background in the Navy, her work with corporations, her extensive travel, and her eclectic background brings us into the book and the lives of the characters within. Beth will continue writing and already has started on the sequel.